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President’s Day Challenge for Writers

By , February 20, 2012 12:00 am


Happy President’s Day!

While I usually associate President’s Day with vacation time and an extra 30% off (in stores only), I’m deciding to mix up my pleasure reading today by giving a nod to some of our nation’s finest American writers.


No Longer a Snooze Fest

Perhaps the last time you encountered works by John Adams, Abraham Lincoln, or Thomas Jefferson it was because your palm slipped and you fell face first into your high school history textbook.  But those days are over!  If you are an aspiring writer, you know the importance of pushing yourself to read different voices and pieces written for a variety of audiences.  My challenge on this President’s Day, therefore, is to rediscover pieces of American literature from some of our most memorable presidents.  What constitutes as “most memorable” may be your decision!


Why Bother?

Many of our presidents are masters of emotion and oratory.  Their sentiment and use of literary techniques will remind you that a solid presentation will help any message.  Plus you may find your word choice refreshed by the American lexicon of the 1700s-1800s.  So tear into Google and discover for yourself that our presidents are keen observers and just as idealistic as we writers.


Need Help Getting Started?

Comment by suggesting your favorite presidential reads.  I’m starting with some speeches by Abraham Lincoln!

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