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By , December 5, 2011 12:00 am


My love of Jason Segel’s work intensified when I heard about the new Muppet movie.  The man is hysterical, and it is great that he is passionate about the Muppets!  As someone who goes to toy stores pretending to be a mother so she can unashamedly buy a lot of toys for herself,  I like that Segel plays up the fact that he comes across as weird to so many because of his passion for puppets.


"Indie Quirks" by MMRule


While I cannot accept that many women do not like a house full of puppets and often do not return for a second date with him, I do believe that he wears a bear onesie when writing!  My desire to buy this fox hood seems a lot more normal now, right?  Right?!


Just like Segel we authors have quirks that come out during our writing sessions.  I prefer sitting in the dark with nothing but the light of my laptop.  And I have to wear really soft shorts.  I also like to take breaks to eat Cheerios.

So, what is your bear onesie?  Leave a comment about your writing quirks for me to read in the dark later!  And check out this G4 Attack of the Show interview that inspired this cartoon and post!

2 Responses to “Jason Segel Cartoon for Writers”

  1. Tabby says:

    This is great! It made me smile, good job!
    I made a pic with his onesie as well!http://tabby-like-a-cat.deviantart.com/art/Pie-For-Jason-272384977?q=gallery%3Atabby-like-a-cat&qo=0

    as for my “bear onesie” it is prolly socks. I have to have them on. cold feetsies don’t help my artistic/creative process

  2. Lynn says:

    LOVE this article! I think everyone loves Jason for his “weirdness” hmmm my bear onesie is definitely my hair down, (I often sit in the dark at my laptop during the day w/very little light) drinking a green juice and wearing fleece pants! (have to be comfy)!!!

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