#WouldYouRather: Aspiring Author Edition

By , September 12, 2011 12:00 am


It is “Would You Rather” week at The Exception to the Rule.  Have fun considering this list of fun-serious-bizarre scenarios.  Comment by answering any or all of these questions or write your own for us to answer!

"Indie Options" by MMRule

"Indie Options" by MMRule

Would you rather…

♦   Read your biography or write an autobiography?

♦   Edit your novel for a decade or take ten years to write the “perfect” book in one draft?

♦   Be forced to always use contractions or to never use them?

♦   Dominate one genre or write for a variety of audiences?

♦   Write a sequel to The Lord of the Rings or a prequel for Harry Potter?

♦   Listen to one song on repeat while writing or never hear the same song twice?

♦   See your book made fun of on Family Guy or discussed on The View?

♦   Be Stephen King’s wife or his child?

♦   Always write in public or in a silent, soundproof room?


Now it’s your turn to answer or to write your own!

4 Responses to “#WouldYouRather: Aspiring Author Edition”

  1. Nancy Kelley says:

    The third one is easy. After writing one LOTR fanfic and multiple Jane Austen stories, contractions are almost foreign to me. I’ll take never use them, please.

    And, apparently I’d rather write a sequel to Lord of the Rings…

    Write in a silent, soundproof room–I don’t get much done in public.

    Fun times!

    • MMRule says:

      When I wrote the list of questions, I thought of you and your Jane Austen stories for the contractions one! I guessed correctly that they don’t work best for your writing. Thanks for commenting :)

  2. See Elle Oh says:

    Gah! #WouldYouRather is simultaneously really fun and maddeningly hard (I guess that’s the point, huh?).

    I would rather:
    Write for a variety of audiences. (4)

    Have my book made fun of on Family Guy. I feel like talk shows discuss what is or may be “hot” at the moment, whereas to be made fun of on Family Guy means you’re a bit more embedded in pop culture.

    Write in a soundproof room. I’ve tried writing in public, too, and even with earplugs I still get too distracted.

    • MMRule says:

      I agree with your point about Family Guy! I would much rather make enough of an impact that they would write a joke about me/my writing. Sounds like most people agree that it is hard to work in public. Thanks for playing along with #WouldYouRather!

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